Main lobby of Tikkurila High School.

We are a welcoming school and that holds true for transfers, too.

Certain IA and core works must have been completed, however. At our school, we complete EE 1st draft by the end of DP1 as well as ToK exhibition. Also, oral exams in language A are either complete or completable as the first thing at DP2. We start working on our History and Psychology IA at DP1. We finish 60 % of CAS by the registrations in October.

We have had transfers almost every year. Everyone has graduated, too. One must, however, expect harder work than normally because there are always gaps in the syllabi. Because the order of the syllabus components varies from one school to another, transfers students end up studying e.g. geometry twice but miss statistics. This means that transfers must study some components independently, which requires good study skills.

Send your IB DP transcript, we will interview you and, together, we will find the best line of study for you.

IB Tikkurila student's work of art called Gossips.