New Students and how to confirm your study place


New IB students

Admitted to IB pre-DP (year 10)
+ those who have not permitted to publish their name

  • Aboughazala Mohammad Faheem Ahmed Mohamed                                                                
  • Ahmad Nubaid                                                                                
  • Ahola Vivian Eerika                                                                        
  • Chandla Sanat                                                      
  • Costache Andreea-Bianca                                                             
  • Guerrero Natalie                                                                            
  • Heller Esme Kyllikki Rankin                                                           
  • Henttonen Tiitu Iines  
  • Honkanen Jan Erick                                                                  
  • Kaznakov Alexander Nicholas                                                                                 
  • Khaira Jobanvir Singh                                                                      
  • Mäenpää Iida Sofia                                                                        
  • Nykopp Vilma Maarit Kaarina                                                                                 
  • Ramdas Ruuthran                                                                           
  • Ranki Venla Marita Julia                                                               
  • Rauta Viola Illusia                                                                            
  • Ryder Jessica Alice                                                                          
  • Sakhabutdinova Yasmin                                                                 
  • Stulenkov Igor                                                      
  • Stulenkova Anastasia                                                                     
  • Suomilammi Hilja Maria Helena                                                                             
  • Taylor Mawuena Abrianna Nanayaa                                                                    
  • Uusitalo Senni Aino Ottilia                                                           
  • Vainio Vilho Carl                                                                              
  • Valkonen Petra Aurora Paola                                                      
  • Vydyula Gopi Madhava Ananda                                                                             
  • Zeneli Libion   

Confirming your study place

Opintopolku or (=the Finnish online application system) will send you a link to your email. Behind the link, you can find your admission results. If you have been admitted to Tikkurila IB, you should confirm your study place at Opintopolku on Thursday, June 16. Your early confirmation guarantees that your course choices, your school schedule and your login credentials can be processed before the school start. Also, June 16th is the only day our study counselors will be there to help you. The last day to confirm is June 30, 2022.

The school will also send more instructions via email to those admitted on June 16th. If admitted, you should check your email and follow the instructions. If problems, our IB study counselor Saara Pietinen also advises at the school on June 16, email, tel +358 50 310 4917.

If you have not been admitted at our school, your admission results show which school has admitted you. Opintopolku also shows your place on the waiting list.